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Frustrated with a physique that just doesn't make you Look Like You Lift Weights?  

Excessive body fat and invisible ruining your day every time you look in the mirror? 

Worried about what other people think when they see you without a shirt on?

Ever worry that you're wasting your gym membership because you're not getting the results you signed up for?

Maybe you skip the gym on a regular basis? 

Nutrition plan always leaving you feeling restricted, hungry and lacking energy?  

Sick and tired of having zero support and feeling like you're in this alone? 

If you can relate to any of the above, then I want to put an END to that right now and promise to show you EXACTLY how in this article.  

But first, I want to tell you a quick story about a client of mine... 

My client, Leroy, was seriously struggling. 

Despite being in the gym at least 4 days a week, he did not have the physique to match.  

All his hard work was not paying off.

Far from looking strong and athletic, he looked out of shape and slobbish.

He’d tried everything - 

- Low Carb 

- Fasting 

- Starvation 


- Paleo 

- ‘Clean Eating’  

- Counting Calories

- High Frequency Training

No matter what he did, he just could not see results. 

He was frustrated, exhausted, de-motivated and felt like visible abs just wasn’t for him. 

For Leroy, a lean, strong and muscular physique was not about vanity...

Nor was it about being on the front cover of Men's Health.... 

Or gaining 1000s of followers on Instagram...  

Instead, it was simply about feeling secure and confident that underneath his clothes was a physique that was every bit as strong as it looked. 

Then one day, something came along that changed the game and left no more time for stalled progress. 

He needed to start getting results...fast. 

Because for reasons that only he knows about, he made the decision to sing on stage...

In front of 300 people...

As part of a 'Battle Of The Bands' competition...  

Wearing nothing but a pair of hot pants

He had no choice but to get in great shape. 

Even though he'd spent a long time believing it was impossible for him.... It now HAD to be possible. 

A proper 'sink or swim' situation. 

Looking at Leroy's training and nutrition, it was obvious to see he was making some very basic errors. 

Although these mistakes may have seemed small and insignificant, the cold, hard truth was absolute certainty they were responsible for his progress grinding to a complete halt. 

So, after a complete programme and nutrition overhaul, I set him on a new plan. 

He was skeptical at first, becuase it seemed too simple.

It was nothing like what he'd done previously - what if it didn't work?

What if he ended up looking WORSE than when he started?

Because ultimately, this WASN'T what the guys on social media were advertising and what he firmly believed to be true...

I told him to forget about those guys and and their crackpot ideas, and to trust the plan. 

Within ONE week, he had kickstarted results again. 

After all this time, he was finally starting to strip away the stubborn body fat that had obstructed his muscle and destroyed his confidence.

When he finally stepped on stage, he had incinerated 13lbs of body fat...

...and produced a spectacular and incredibly confident performance...which ultimately won him the competition.  

I’m sure you know the feeling - 

You try eating less and busting your gut in the gym...but get nowhere. 




How does everyone else seem to make this so easy?

If, like Leroy, you’re desperate to craft a strong and muscular physique devoid of unwanted body fat, which makes you feel more confident and attractive every time you get naked… 

...yet WHATEVER you try just doesn’t seem to work... 

Then listen up, because I’m here to tell you something very important:  

It’s not your fault.

Social media has become a breeding ground for fitness ‘experts’.  

‘Experts’ who have minimal experience training anyone other than themselves and are just in it to make a quick buck.  

‘Experts’ who, worst case scenario, are lying to you and telling you things that not only fail to get you results, but could actually be harming your progress.  

They prey on the uneducated and convince them to part with their hard-earned cash, in exchange for a generic programe that either won't deliver results or that's simply too hard for the average person to follow.  

Remember, Leroy had been struggling for years to make any progress with his physique...

...But when we started to implement exactly what I'm about to tell you, my man started seeing results immediately.  


(And how this can leave most guys still feeling unconfident, weak and out of shape every time they take their shirt off, despite hitting the gym HARD every time)

#1 Unsuitable Plan

Your training/nutriton plan should be perfectly aligned with your goal.  

It doesn't need to be written by someone with a PhD...

...But whatever the source, it must respect the KEY principles of training/nutriton, which are what ultimately drive you towards a lean, strong and athletic physique. 

If these are neglected, then you may be following either an ineffective or unsustainable plan, which will totally FAIL to deliver you the results you want. 

#2 An Over-Reliance On Supplements  

I’ve seen those incredibly well-written supplement adverts.  

I've watched those super jacked dudes on Instragram talk about the brand new supplements their taking. 

Man, they're convincing. 

Even if I know the truth behind the effectiveness of a particular supplement, I am still attracted to the lure of the ad copy/fitness models and have to remind myself that it’s all hype.

But if I struggle to not let these adverts convince me that they’re super effective and awesome - then what hope does a guy who’s never studied nutrition/supplements have?  

The fact is that there isn’t a SINGLE supplement that’s ever been shown to make drastic changes to a dude’s body composition in a short space of time.  


But these adverts can easily make you think that supplements are ALL you need and that they're MORE important than training and good nutrition, which simly isn't true and will lead to stalled results.  

#3 You Have No Support/Accountability  

The best programme in the world is completely useless to you if you don’t actually do it.  

And THE best way to ensure that you actually do your programme is to ensure that you have support/accountability.  

Think about it - the best athletes in the world have a coach to hold them accountable and to make sure they stick to their training. 

Do you really think Usain Bolt would have won 9 x Olympic gold medals without an expeienced coach guiding him though all of his training?

Let’s say you aren’t getting the results you so desperately want – do you have anyone to speak to in order to adjust the programme?  

What if you have trouble performing the programme?  

Is there anyone you can reach out to for help?  

Also, is anyone actually checking up on you to make sure you’re doing the programme??  

I get that there are people are very self-motivated to go the gym and adhere to their training, but no one is perfect – we all have questions, we all need support from time to time and sometimes we need that motivational boost to actually go and lift. 

#4 You’re Too Hard On Yourself 

Fitness ‘experts’ are known for their ‘All Or Nothing’ approach i.e. You MUST be super strict with yourself, and your training and nutrition in order to get results.  

I’ll be honest here - 

This is a load of rubbish.

Complete and utter tripe touted by people who have never successfully worked with REAL people, like YOU, who NEED to balance training/nutrition with their lives.  

The fact is, the harder you are on yourself - the less enjoyable your plan is to follow.  

And the less you enjoy it, the less likely you are to stick to it...  

And if you don’t stick to it, then it won’t work for you.  

You CAN build a physique that Looks Like You Lift whilst enjoying your favourite foods, NOT having to spend every last waking hour in the gym and obsessing over food preparation.  

Trust me on this.  

I’ve seen so many guys make long-term and sustainable changes to their physiques without using an ‘extreme’ approach…  

…and I promise you that you can do the same.  

So if all these ‘traditional methods’ don’t work, then what DOES?  

You’re in luck.  

By stumbling across this page, and reading the secrets I’m about to reveal, you’re about to put yourself at a huge advantage, and learn the system that’s taken me years of research, thousands of pounds, and many painstaking hours to develop.  

Let me introduce you to …

Look Like You Lift Online Coaching 

With Look Like You Lift Online Coaching you can – 

  • Rest assured that you have a training programme that works FOR YOU so you can STOP stressing about a lack of results from training  

  • Be happy that you are going to FINALLY make those changes to your body and learn that you’re not a complete lost cause

  • Transform your physique into something so attractive that your partner NEVER takes their eyes off you again

  • Get feedback on your lifting technique so you can be CONFIDENT that you’re lifting properly and getting the most out of each exercise and not putting yourself at risk of injury

  • STOP feeling depressed and down about your appearance every time you look in the mirror 

  • Feel CONFIDENT when you're out on dates and meet girls for the first time 

  • Be confident that under your clothes is something that you are incredibly PROUD of and that you are NEVER ashamed to reveal to anyone ever again

Note: Look Like You Lift Online Coaching is currently unavailable until January 2019. 

To get on the early bird waiting list and be notified as soon as there are places available, please fill out the form below:  


With Look Like You Lift Online Coaching, here's exactly what you get: 

  • Personalised Training Programme  

I will write a programme for you, which takes into account the following:  

- Goal  

- Training experience  

- Preferred training frequency (typically 3-4 sessions/week)  

- Training duration  

- Gym equipment availability  

- Movement/mobility capabilities  

Your training programme will be divided up into 3-4 week long phases over 3 months, which will predominantly comprise of resistance training, but can also include cardio options as well.  

Each exercise is linked through to a video demonstration, so you'll never be unsure about what it is you have to do and you're free to ask me for any help you need at any time.  

  • Personalised Calorie and Macronutrient Goal  

I will set you a personalised calorie goal as well as optimal protein, carb and fat intake that YOU need to start transforming your body.  

  This will eliminate any guesswork and remove all the stress and confusion out of having to do it yourself.  

  • Determining Calories & Macros + Food Examples  

Even though I will determine your calories and macros for you, this guide shows you the importance of each macronutrient and how much you need to hit your goal (for either Fat Loss or Muscle Building) so that you know exactly how to set up your nutrition plan long after you've finished working with me. 

  • Your Personalised Eating Plan  

This guide will show you how you can quickly put together your meals so you can destroy body fat or build muscle without the stress of having to track food and count calories. 

  • Guide To Re-Feed Days  

Re-feed days are a brilliant way to keep energy and metabolism high and continue melting body fat...  

  ....By eating MORE of the foods you love (pizza, ice cream, waffles etc)  

This guide will not only go into detail about their importance, but will also show you exactly how to set them up so that you can torch body fat in the most fun way possible. 

  • Effortlessly Increasing Calories For Muscle Gain  

If you want to build muscle, then you're going to need to be in a calorie surplus.  

Although that may seem nice, easy and straightforward, for any guy that's STRUGGLED to build muscle, eating more calories is a tough and uphill struggle.  

This guide will show you how to do it in the most effortless way possible so that you can build muscle with ease. 

  • Calorie Cycling, Carb Cycling & Intermittent Fasting Guide  

I don't believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' nutriton plan, and for that reason, I have provided this guide, which introduces 3 other ways you can set up your nutrition to help destroy body fat.  

These methods may be a bit more advanced for some, but for others, they are a way to make their nutrition plan a lot more sustainable and easier to follow. 

  • Managing Hunger, Energy & Cravings  

Hunger, low energy or cravings stopping you from sticking to your plan?  

If so, then you can be sure that you won't be getting your dream physique any time soon...  

But this guide shows you how to put an end to massive hunger, low energy and wild cravings immediately so that you can continue to make progress when others would completely fail.

  • Managing Social Events and Eating Out  

Who doesn't love eating out at a nice restaurant or a fun social event?  

Trouble is, many guys on the quest for a better physique either feel they have to miss out or risk losing everything they've worked so hard for by being a socialable character. 

So I made this guide to show you how you NEVER have to worry about a social event getting in the way of you gainz again. 

  • Troubleshooting Guides

There may be a time during your journey when you experience a plateau.  

Fat loss/muscle gains seem to come to grinding halt.  

But instead of this causing panic, I want to give you this resource that will allow you to determine exactly why your results have slowed down and show you how to resolve this issue so that you can continue transforming your physique.  

  • Importance Of Sleep

Sleep is so important to sculpting a physique that makes you Look Like You Lift.  

In fact, without great sleep, you run the risk of: -  

- Poor energy  

- Trouble adhering to your nutrition plan  

- Poor recovery from training  

- Lacking desire to get in the gym  

This guide will not only tell you how important sleep is for transforming your body....  

...But it also shows you exactly how you can get a deep and restful night's sleep to make the journey as comfortable as possibe.  

  • Supplement Guide  

There's a lot of confusion about supplements, which can lead to guys making some rather crazy and whacky purchases.  

So to help clear up the confusion, you will get access to this guide that tells you exactly which supplements are worth spending your hard-earned money on. 

  • Recipe Book  

My latest recipe book containing 30 meals (complete with calorie content, macronutrient breakdown and video instructions) to give you some ideas for meal times and keep your nutrition interesting. 

  • E-mail Support + Weekly Check-In 

I never want you to feel isolated and alone at any point of this journey.  

You will be able to WhatsApp me any time so that I can directly answer your questions - I am on standby for you throughout your journey.  

Also, once a week, you will receive an e-mail from me that reviews your previous week so that I am able to see where, if any, changes need to be made to either your training or nutrition.  

  • SPECIAL AUTUMN 2018 BONUS: In-Person Lifting Consultation  

  As a very special bonus, I'm including a 1-on-1 in-person lifting consultation when you sign up. 

This session will take place at PerformancePro (5 minutes from Oxford Circus) and will involve a full coaching session on the barbell lifts:

- Squat - Deadlift - Bench Press  

Following the session, you will get a write-up of your session with the coaching points you need to work on. 

If you're physically unable to do any of the lifts above, then no problem - we can find suitable alternatives for you to do instead. 

You're also free to use the session to ask me any questions you want about anything training and nutrition related so that you can begin the Look Like You Lift programme with full confidence about what you're doing. 


Look Like You Lift Online Coaching is currently unavailable until January 2019.  

Fill out the form below to be notified as soon as the door to Look Like You Lift Online Coaching open again:  

9 Reasons Why Look Like You Lift Is NOT Like Any Other Online Coaching Programme Out There

# 1 - I have a track record of results 

There are a VERY large number of people out there, all claiming to be ‘experts’… 

…yet are totally unable to produce even a shred of evidence that what they preach actually works.  

So I want to make it painfully clear right from the beginning that I have a proven track record of success (see ‘Testimonials’ below) and that there should be ZERO doubt in your mind that what I do actually works.  

#2 - I care about your strength and WANT you to get stronger

As much as I am in favour of helping guys build slabs of muscle and torch stubborn body fat - I'm also very keen on the idea that they get stronger in the process. 

I mean, what use is a fantastic looking physique that can't perform?

But here's the thing, building strength whilst transforming the physique requires a bit of intelligent structure to the programming. 

Therefore, each programme is written with the individual in mind. 

I do NOT issue generic pogrammes that are just designed to make you burn a ton of calories. 

This is just not my style. 

Instead, I use a system based on your previous training history to determine the most appropriate programming strategy for you to ensure that whilst you're shedding body fat, or building muscle mass, you continue to keep getting stronger and making sweet gainz.  

#3 - I am not an ‘InstaHero’  

I REFUSE to be one of those Instagram-heroes who posts daily topless mirror selfies, just so they can sell some fancy PDF for mega dollaz, without actually caring if it works.  


Over the last few years, I have put many clients through MULTIPLE programmes and nutrition practices to see what delivers the absolute best results. 

Through these years of trial and error, I have been able to perfect the art of writing and coaching routines for strength-hungry males so they can: - 

- Build brand new and head turning muscle 

- Obliterate every last ounce of unwanted body fat 

- Take their strength levels to brand new heights  

…and ultimately craft the bodies of unconfident men who are embarrassed and ashamed of what’s under their clothes… 

….into finely sculpted pieces of athletic machinery.  

Can your favourite InstaHero confidently say they've done that?

#4 - You will receive support and accountability  

It isn’t JUST about being able to deliver high-quality training programmes and nutrition plans.  

But it’s about making sure that the guys on the receiving end FOLLOW the advice and stick to the programme. 

On that note, you will receive all the help you need via: -  

- Having direct access to me via WhatsApp

- 'Weekly check-in' e-mails 

Now you might question the importance of support and accountability, and wonder if it’s even that necessary, but I really can’t overstate its importance.  

The #1 reason why people fail to achieve their body composition goals is a lack of accountability.  

And since I don’t want to even consider failure as an option for anyone who signs up to my coaching services, I want to give you all the support and accountability you need in order to get the best results possible.  

By having someone routinely check up on you and having a community of guys who all have the same goal as you, the entire journey becomes so much easier, less stressful and a whole lot more enjoyable.  

#5 - There's NO extra charge for nutrition  

Nutrition is absolutely crucial if you want to make a positive change to your body composition, so you are going to need to pay close attention to it.  

On that basis, you will receive ALL my nutrition products when you sign up, along with all the coaching and support you need via 'weekly check-ins' and direct access to me on WhatsApp.  

If you have any questions, you can post them there (or e-mail me directly if it's a little more personal).  

I’ll also be providing regular content for you to use and apply.  

You will also receive a personalised nutrition guide that shows you how to put meals together in order to hit your goal, so if tracking food intake isn’t your thing, then you won’t need to stress over it.  

#6 - It’s NOT A Quick Fix 

You DON’T want a quick fix programme.  

Trust me on this.  

Here’s why: -  

The quicker you get a result - the quicker you can lose it.  

But the longer it takes to get a result - the more sustainable it is.  

So don’t expect to achieve overnight results with Look Like You Lift coaching, but rather a longer-term plan, which is capable of delivering the lean, strong and muscular physique you’ve always wanted.

Exactly how long it’ll take you to start getting results is entirely dependent on a number of factors, for example –  

- How seriously you take nutrition  

- How well you recover 

- Your genetic potential  

- Your stress levels 

- How hard you’re willing to work 

The fact is, everyone has a different body and different lifestyle factors, and as a result, shouldn’t all expect to see results at the same rate.  

But if you're willing to commit for 3 months (minimum duraton of the coaching services) then I promise you will see some fantastic results and changes to your body.  

#7 - I Want You To Lift With EXCELLENT Technique  

Good technique is important.

Actually, scratch that. 

Good technique is ESSENTIAL. 

And one issue with many online programmes is that they don't care how you’re performing the exercise – they just want you to pay your money and get on with the programme.  

Not in my book.  

This is why I'm including the Lifting Consultation as a bonus - so that you can get the expert coaching on any lifts you're unsure about and get your technique exactly where it needs to be. 

During the programme, you are free to send me a video of you performing the exercise via WhatsApp at any time, and I'll critique your technique you. 

If you need additional help, then I will make a more in-depth coaching video for you. 

#8 - I will guarantee your results  

If you follow the advice I give you….and you DON’T make improvements in your body composition, then I promise I will refund you 100% of your money.  

That's right.  

I know that you will only sign up if you’re absolutely serious about improving your body composition and that you’re going to put the work in.  

So if you’re willing to put the work in, follow your programme, stick to the nutrition and keep me updated with your progress, then I have absolutely no problem guaranteeing your results.  

How many other coaching programmes offer this? 

#9 - It's Exclusively For Serious Guys Only 

Unlike many other online coacing programmes, I won't just take on any Tom, Dick and Harry, simply because they're willing to pay me money. 

Too many people have the mindset of: 

"Well I've signed up, so now results are going to come my way and I don't need to do anything else"

But sadly, it doesn't work like that - you're going to do some work in the gym and kitchen.

There is a limited number of spaces on the coaching programme (10 maximum) and it's crucial that each space is taken by someone who's serious and wants to look awesome in the mirror. 

I'd HATE to deprive someone of the opportunity to build confidence and get a lot more satisfaction and enjoyment from life because a real time-waster took the last spot. 

Get notified as soon as Look Like You Lift Online Coaching is available again: 

Why Trust Me?

I'm Will Davis and I help guys build muscle/strength and lose fat without spending hours in the gym or having to follow an extreme and boring nutrition plan. 

I guess you’re wondering what makes me qualified to talk about how to transform male physiques. 

Well, the first thing you should know about me is that I’m NOT a professional bodybuilder or a competitive powerlifter/strongman – I can’t help you if you wish to pursue either of these professions. 

But what I can do is work with regular guys who are desperate to transform their physique.  

As a guy who suffered miserably from being dissatisfied with his own physique, I invested a lot of time in the gym and learning about nutrition. 

Shortly afterwards found that I could transfer my knowledge into helping other guys feel great about themselves. 

You’ve read the story about how I helped Leroy, and now I want to help you.  

Remember, Leroy was just a dude who, despite lifting regularly, looked as if he didn’t know what the inside of a gym looked like. 

Something had to change.  

Changing his physique into one that Looks Like It Lifts was never about vanity…but more about building unparalleled confidence that underneath his clothes was a body that was every bit as strong as it looks.  

And that’s when he discovered the power of following a properly constructed training programme with sound nutrition habits. 

.…and the life changing results that it can bring.  

And if you can relate to Leroy's story, then I want to help you too.

Here's Some Results That Guys, Just Like You, Have Achieved With Look Like You Lift  

I know what you’re thinking - 

This is just another sleazy scam that promises so much, and delivers nothing. 

Maybe Will is out to trick and con me out of my money. 

I completely understand. 

It’s only natural to be sceptical when every shady Internet marketer is out to make a quick buck. 

And I know you’ve probably tried so many things before. 

But to ease your mind, here’s how some of my other clients I’ve worked with have got on a result of training with me:  


"Having let myself go a bit, I was feeling pretty down about what had become of my body. Thanks to an article I saw in Men’s Health, I set out on a 12-week challenge under Will’s guidance to get myself back in shape.  

Will’s approach to training is different. From the morning I woke up on day 1, I knew exactly what and when I should be eating and drinking, what supplements I should be taking, even how much sleep I needed.  

The programme Will wrote for me was unique, varied and kept me motivated. Will always get changing things up and despite my long relationship with gyms and training still managed to throw in a few exercises that I had never heard of.  

Perhaps most importantly, my training and diet were tailored to fit around work and other commitments. If I ever had any questions, Will was only an e-mail away and was always quick to reply. This continuous support was invaluable and helped keep me on track. 

"At the end of the 12 weeks I looked and felt great - my confidence had returned and I was no longer ashamed of having let myself go. The photos speak for themselves and demonstrate what Will is capable of achieving." 


"When I started training with Will I was a little embarrassed.  

I'd let myself go, lost my motivation and succumbed to bad habits. But by the time of the photo shoot I was a different person.  

Thanks to Will's expert knowledge, support, encouragement and guidance I had not only transformed my physique but also greatly improved my mental health.  

I learned to push myself harder, how to take the positives from each situation and to relish each challenge.  

Will creates the perfect conditions for success, all I had to do was to listen, be committed and consistent with my efforts and reap the rewards."


"After Will helped me with my Health and Fitness goals, I have to say I never felt or looked so good! 

Will is a very friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable coach, that will get you to your goals if you stick to what he say and put the hard work in!"


"I feel fitter and easier to move around. Suits fit better. I can do my shirts up without bulging out. Quality of sleep is improved and obviously it’s flattering to see physical gains.

I've previously had a probem with consistency. I did fall off the wagon a couple of times - but the key for me was getting straight back on.

I couldn’t imagine being on stage 13lbs heavier – I would have been severely lacking in confidence. Thank you for everything."


How much does it cost? 

Let me answer that: 

If you were to train with me in-person, 3 x a week, it would cost you £975 per month. 

This is quite a normal price for personal training, and many would add an extra £50-100/month on top of that for it to include nutrition. 

Now, don't get me wrong, there are tremendous and unique benefits to training with me in-person, but at £1000+ every single month, I get that it's not in everyone's price range. 

But you'll be relieved to know that Look Like You Lift Online Coaching isn't anywhere near that amount. 

The full value of what I’m offering for 12 weeks of online coaching is: £400

Over 12 weeks, that's less than what the majority of people spend on going out and getting hammered.  

In fact, that’s less than what some people spend a month on going out and getting hammered… 

(We’ve all had one of THOSE months, haven’t we?)

Can you imagine having a stronger and more confident physique for that cheap? 

But wait - there’s more. 

I’m not just offering an online training programme.

By taking action and investing now, you also get access to all this:  

What You Get:

Component 1: 

3 Month Training Programme

(£240 value)

Component 2: 

Personalised Calorie and Macronutrient Goal

(£10 value)

Component 3:

Determining Calories & Macros + Food Examples

(£20 value)

Component 4: 

Your Personalised Eating Plan

(£50 value)

Component 5: 

Guide To Re-Feed Days

(£15 value)

Component 6: 

Effortlessly Increasing Your Calories For Muscle Gain

(£10 value)

Component 7: 

Managing Hunger, Energy & Cravings

(£15 value)

Componet 8: 

Calorie Cycling, Carb Cycling & Intermittent Fasting Guide

(£15 value)

Component 9: 

Troubleshooting Guides

(£10 value)

Component 10: 

Managing Social Events and Eating Out

(£10 value)

Component 11: 

Importance Of Sleep Guide

(£5 value)

Component 12: 

Guide To Supplements

(£5 value)

Component 13: 

Recipe Book

(£30 value)

Component 14: 

E-Mail Support (3 Months)

(£300 value)

Component 15: 

1-on-1Lifting Consultation 

(£97 value)




(For ALL 15 components)


(12 weeks up front)



Look Like You Lift Online Coaching is currently unavailable - fill the form below to be added to the waiting list: 

Can you really afford to miss out on Looking Like You Lift with an offer like this?

Look, you’ve got two options - 

Option #1: 

Close this page, go back to doing what you’ve tried before (which doesn’t work), feel frustrated as HELL that you didn’t grab this opportunity when it was first available and then be back here in 2 to 3 months time.  

Option #2: 

The smart move. 

You decide that enough is enough and that you finally want a guaranteed way to Look Like You Lift as quickly and as effectively as possible, and so you make a wise investment in your strength, physique and confidence.  

That choice is yours.  

As a final reminder, here’s what you get when you sign up to Look Like You Lift Online Coaching: - 

  • A training programme that ensures you get stronger as your physique changes so you can be sure that you're every bit as strong as you look  
  • Support from me whenever you need it, so that you’ll never feel lost or confused about what to do with your training and nutrition  
  • A weekly check-in so you’ll get a weekly motivational ‘kick up the arse’ to make sure you’re hitting the gym and sticking to the plan  
  • In-person lifting consultation so you can get expert coaching on any of the lifts you have difficulty with and can begin the programme with full confidence about what you're doing  
  • Online lifting technique critiques whenever you want during the coaching programme so you can be certain you’re using correct form to help maximise gains and NOT put yourself at risk of injury  
  • Access to ALL my current training & nutrition products so that you have all the resources necessary to smash your results  
  • No more plateaus - with all the support and coaching you will receive (as well as the Troubleshooting Guides) I will help you through any plateau and ensure that you have all the guidance you need from start to finish  
  • No more fear about social events getting in the way of your fat loss nutrition with my 'Managing Social Events and Eating Out Guide' which has helped my clients perfectly balance their nutrition with their lifestyles  
  • 30 recipes with instructional videos so you'll have plenty of ideas for meal choices and won't need to eat the same thing every single day  

Get all this AND MORE in just 1 click:  

IMPORTANT: Please Read

I'll be honest with you...

My online coaching services are NOT for everyone. 

There are 3 categories of people I can't work with: - 

1) Those currently suffering from an injury

I'm not ruling you out long-term, but I would advise waiting unti you are completely healed as I'm afraid I do not specialise in rehabilitation.  

2) Complete beginners

If you are a complete beginner to lifting, then I would advise getting some in-personal training first to accelerate your experince, before commencing an 'online only' training programme.

3) Those with a minimal work ethic

Once you've signed up, please don't be alarmed that I will expect you to hit the gym and start making a bit of effort in the kitchen...

If you're not prepared to do that, then I'm afraid I really can't help you.  


In order to give you the best possible service, there is only a MAXIMUM of 10 coaching spots. 

And once they’re gone, they're gone.

The next opening for Look Like You Lift Online Coaching is January 2019 - if you want to ensure that you don't miss out, then please fill out the form below so you ca be notified as soon as places become available again.

One final thing.  

Let me ask you this:  

How would it feel to feel strong, confident and powerful.  

And how would it feel to start working towards that in just 3 months, without any kind of extreme training, expensive supplements or boring nutrition?  

Like the sound of that?  

Then you know what to do.  


Got questions? 

That’s normal. 

Actually, that’s GREAT - it shows you truly care about your results. 

If you’re wondering about anything, I’ve answered a list of the most commonly asked questions below:  

Who is this programme for?

Look Like You Lift Online Coaching is for men who are sick and tired with having a physique that looks weak and deconditioned, despite their efforts to make it look incredible.  

Men who are so frustrated with how they look and are ready to step up and take their training to the next level.  

This is ultimately for men who want a physique that oozes strength and confidence and by looking like they lift.  

How much does it cost? 

The total cost for the 12 weeks, which includes everything is £400 (saving a total of £432).  

What exactly is involved? 

You will be responsible for following the training programme in your own time and adhering to the nutrition guidelines that accompany the programme. 

Do this and you'll get results.  

Do I need a gym or can I do it from home? 

You will need a gym with a squat rack, bench and space to deadlift as well as dumbbells and cables. 

Of course, if you have a well-equipped home gym, then you can do it from home. 

If you’re away and can’t get to the gym, then you can use the bodyweight circuits to temporarily replace the gym.  

If I have issues during the programme, can I contact you? 

Of course, you can feel free to e-mail me at any time - willdavistraining@gmail.com.  

How soon can I get started? 

As soon as you've got the programme.  

How is it delivered? 

The programmes are written on 'Google Sheets', which means you'll be able to log your workouts on our smartphone as you train. 

You'll also recieve an e-mail with a link to a dropbox folder where you will find all the other additional content (nutrition, support guides etc.)  

Do I need any previous training experience? 


This programme has been designed for individuals with previous training experience who are familiar with the fundamentals of exercise technique. 

Sadly, it’s not suitable for beginners who’ve never lifted weights before. If this is the case with you, then I would advise seeking some 'in-person' coaching prior to commencing an online training programme.  

I have an injury - can I still use your coaching services?

I'm afraid not, since this is not a rehabilitation service. 

You will need to wait until you're fully recovered before starting an online training programme.  

PS – What Happens When You Sign Up:

  • Once you’ve secured your place by making payment, I will e-mail you within 24 hours with an e-mail tited 'Look Like You Lift: First Steps', which contains everything you need to get started:  

- Medical History Questionnaire 

- Client Information Form

- Measurements & Movement Screen Instructions 

- Gym Inventory

- Client Agreement Form  

  • All of these will tell me about your background and your current training and will enable me to determine the best way to write your training programme  
  • Note: This WILL take a bit of time to complete, so set aside at least an hour - it's essential that this is all done properly prior to you getting started  
  • Once I have received ALL your information from these forms, I will get to work on your programme and will have it ready for you within 48 hours  
  • You will also receive a link to my diary so that you can book your Lifting Consultation  

Sound Good?

Then don't delay - get on the waiting list for Look Like You Lift Online Coaching in January 2019.